The Stonewall Players

Long Live The Stonewall Players

Did Kevin really beat our hero Beowulf in a swim race? Was it even a swim race? What does a sea monster scar look like? Join the boys of Beowulf 1814: Savings and Loan (even the wise old talking lion from the front desk) for a night of epic tales, epic drinking, and an epic Kings Of Leon cover band in “Chapter Three: The Mead Hall.”

Beowulf 1814: Savings and Loan, a noble banking institution on route 73 in Marlton, New Jersey is on the verge of a major deal with a minotaur investment firm. The only thing that can derail the deal is the mother of Martin Grendelmen, who is suing the company for murdering her son. Will Beowulf be able to stop Grendel’s mother? Will the meeting with the minotaurs go well? Did Kevin really beat Beowulf in a swim race? Will there be a second tiny bow and arrow for Larry The Pocket Sized Dragon? Will Jeffrey E. Dragon, kidnapper of princesses and corporate lawyer for rival banks overthrow Beowulf? Will Sukie finally be recognized for all of his hard work?
Find out at 6:14pm today!

Featuring music by Joe Conboy of Our Fair City

The Creamy Jeans Committee & Butter Beard

Matt and Sarah’s fake band Bird Food has released two more albums.  Butter Beard is a twee exploration of eyebrows, corgis, and space wizards.  The Creamy Jeans Committee is a gangster rap album about finding redemption on the streets.

Photos from our set on 3-29-13 at the Arts Parlor.

Be sure to check out our show at L’Ettage on Thursday, April 4th!

The Stonewall Players have two upcoming shows:

3-29-2013 - Side Show (Beirdo Fundraiser) @ The Arts Parlor
4-4-2013 - NOW TIME @ L’etage

In the meantime, you can watch our set at the PHIT.

Tonight is the first show of the Stonewall Players!  Here’s a video that we made but didn’t put in the show!  Enjoy!

The Stonewall Players at the Shubin Theater
Jan 31, Feb 1, 7, & 8



"He looks like the type of guy that would fill a glass bottle with his own piss only to break it over a baby’s head."